Brands We Carry

Advance is a leading manufacturer and distributor of car cleaning chemicals. They have been in the business for at least 35 years, carrying over a wide range of chemicals. They serve different markets from small contract cleaners to big facilities companies.

Manufactured by Auto Wax Company, Inc., Automagic is known for its quality, user friendliness and environmentally safe formulations. The company was founded in 1960 in Texas, USA and now distributing across America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Founded by Frank Meguiar. Jr. in 1901, Meguiar’s is known for its quality and intensive training. Meguiar’s now carries at least 300 different cleaners, polishers, waxes, conditioners and protectants for homes, cars, boats, trains and planes.

Nilfisk has a strong history of innovation and determination that enables them to offer professionals only the very best in cleaning solutions through its vacuum cleaners, scrubber / dryers, sweepers, water blasters and more.

Rupes, since 1947, provides exceptionally high quality products and is considered one of the leading players of the international professional tool market. They are known for its Big Foot Random Orbital Polisher System.

Tork – a brand of Swedish company SCA – comprises a full range of sustainable tissue products for away-from-home environments along with soaps, air fresheners and hygienic dispensing systems. Tork-branded toilet paper, hand towels and soaps can be found in different locations including industrial environments.