Car Cleaning Tips

SuperShine has been designing car care products for nearly 20 years. As a one-stop-shop for car care professionals and enthusiasts, including the design of some of the best car cleaning products on the market, SuperShine knows car cleaning. We not only supply our clients with top of the line products, we also work with them to take their car care techniques to the next level.

Here are a few car cleaning tips to get you started. If you want to ensure your car cleaning and grooming is of the highest standard, contact SuperShine today.

  • Dry car with chamois immediately after you have washed it. Don’t allow the water to bead.
  • Wax car when it is out of the sun and don’t apply wax onto hot surface.
  • Use SuperShine Carpet Shampoo as a general purpose interior cleaner. It is excellent not only as a carpet shampoo, but for leather, vinyl and dash.
  • Wet surfaces before degreasing
  • For clean, streak-free and shiny windows, use a microfibre cloth with SuperShine Super Gloss .
  • Fold your cloth into four to create eight clean sides for application and wiping.
  • Drying tyres before applying silicone will give a give clean, black look.